Nicaragua Los Delirios Don Pio Parcel

The flavors found in Nicaraguan Coffee are unique to Central America
Acidity levels are Balanced, with a sweet caramel aftertaste, a medium to full body, and chocolate finish

From the very first batch of coffee we roasted in 1998, the goal of meeting the farmers, whose life work it is to grow delicious coffee, has been a driving force in our approach to coffee buying.

The best representation of flavor from the producing country.
A traceable lot to a COOP, Producer, Farm, or Parcel.
Paying a fair and sustainable price for the coffee, agreed upon with a handshake.
Building a relationship that is more than just producer & buyer.

The Don Pio parcel of the Los Delirios farm has been my favorite for the past four years. We only had a few bags from the 2017-18 harvest that we used for our 20th Anniversary Coffee. This harvest, we doubled down, and will have enough to last the entire year!

Gracias Doña Justina. ¡El café y tu queso fresco son mis dos cosas favoritas en Nicaragua!


Nicaragua Los Delirios Don Pio Parcel


12oz bag
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9-12 bags = $18.00

13-16 bags = $24.00

17-20 bags = $30.00
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